Duffle Coat

A classic duffle coat with modern styling, designed using TechnoWool™, a textile created specifically for Arc'teryx Veilance that offers a cozy wind-resistant environment for the wearer.

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$995.00 new$597.00 used
Colour: Heathered Black
Year: 2010
Color: Heathered Black
Size: M
Condition:Like New
Duffle Coat
The Veilance take on the classic Duffle Coat introduces TechnoWool, a textile created specifically for Arc'teryx. The result is a cozy, wind-resistant garment with numerous design touches such as inside laminated zipper pockets and a unique webbing/fastening closure for the front zipper windflap that takes its styling cues from iconic wooden duffle coat buttons. The stiff, laminated brim stands up well in a gale and the collar cinches tight with an internal elasticized drawcord.
Weight: 929 g / 2 lb 0.8 oz
Model: 8521
Year: Fall 2010

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