Witness Hoody Men's

Relaxed fit hoody with hand pockets, a cinchable, wool blend, lined hood and constructed with Espanda™—a stretchy yet weighty, cotton/spandex terry fleece textile with a soft hand throughout the main body.

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$135.00 new$64.80 used
Colour: Golden Palm
Year: 2014
Size: XXL
Minor fading around seams throughout garment. Faint half-inch stitching defects on front left pocket seam and top right hood seam. Minor stains on back right shoulder. Too faint to depict in photo.
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Witness Hoody Men's
Relaxed fit hoody in premium quality natural fibre textile. Patched hand pockets and contrast bar tacks add contemporary detail.
Weight: 550 g / 1 lb 3.4 oz
Intended Use: Around Town
Model: 12038
Year: Spring 2014
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