Venta SV Jacket Women's

Windproof, breathable, lightly insulated softshell jacket for active use on frigid days.

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Colour: Tiger Lily
Year: 2010
Color: Tiger Lily
Size: L
Moderate discoloration on left sleeve.
Venta SV Jacket Women's

The Venta SV jacket is ideal for cold, windy, alpine environments, delivering the highest level of protection in our Softshell category. Constructed with three distinctly different WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell textiles to enhance comfort and performance characteristics, this alternative to a Hardshell, blocks wind while providing increased breathability for active use on frigid days.


Windstopper® fabric is a softshell textile that blocks wind and has an exceptionally high level of water resistance. The three different weights of Windstopper® fabric used in the Venta SV are strategically placed to provide combinations of durability and warmth where they are most needed.

Wet Weather

There are advantages to managing wet weather other than with the use of hardshell. Windstopper® fabric is warm, it has stretch and it's quiet, in addition to being highly water resistant. For lower output activities in cold, wet, windy weather, the Venta SV is a solid softshell option.

Ice Climber's Tool

When the weather is primarily cold and wind can be expected, a Venta SV maintains body temperature during activity without overheating. Lower aerobic output requires an outer layer that is thermally efficient, blocks wind and yet remains breathable.

Softshell Family

Within in the range of softshells – see Gamma series – the Venta SV is a severe weather piece with the highest degree of wind resistance and warmth, with less breathability and air permeability.

Weight: 569 g / 1 lb 4.1 oz
Intended Use: All Round
Model: 6248
Year: Fall 2010
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