Taema Zip Neck LS Women's

Zip-neck with light overlay for added weather protection.

Used Gear Price:$115.00 new$55.20 - $69.00 used
Colour: Black
Year: 2017
Taema Zip Neck LS Women's

The Taema Zip Neck manages the shifting temperatures and conditions encountered on extended trail runs. Lightweight and quick drying, the Phasic™ LT fabric wicks moisture and maintains comfort in warm zones. The Ourea™ overlay at the chest adds warmth and wind protection needed for cooler temperatures, exposed ridges and increases in elevation. The deep front zipper provides ventilation, thumbholes hold sleeves in place, and the articulated design moves with the body for optimal comfort.

Weight: 152 g / 5.4 oz
Intended Use: Running / Training/Fitness
Model: 18906
Year: Spring 2017
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