Stingray Jacket Women's

Waterproof, articulated jacket, combining soft-to-the-touch hardshell fabric and essential snowsport-specific features, designed for deep snow days.

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Colour: White Tea
Year: 2008
Color: White Tea
Faint discoloration on right sleeve and back midsection.
Stingray Jacket Women's
Our Stingray hardshell Jackets have been transformed by new patterning with increased articulation and a more supple, soft-to-the-touch GORE-TEX® Soft Shell fabric. Redesigned from the ground up, these Descent focused jackets feature laminated powder skirts with gripper elastic and a helmet compatible Drop Hood with one-handed stealth brim-adjusters.
Weight: 688 g / 1 lb 8.3 oz
Intended Use: Big Mountain Skiing
Model: 5237
Year: Fall 2008
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