Spadina Pant Women's

Lightweight, air permeable linen pant provides cool comfort and sun protection in hot weather.

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$89.00 new$39.00 used
Colour: Wren
Year: 2016
Color: Wren
Size: 8
Minor fading on multiple locations. Minor discoloration on multiple locations. Minor pinhole on back left leg.

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Spadina Pant Women's

Lightweight and airy, the Spadina Pant has a relaxed style and easy comfort perfect for warm summer days. The Soltica™ cotton/linen blend is soft and light, and the Spadina’s relaxed fit and wide leg help maximize airflow. The Spadina’s fit and styling are loose and easy. The gusseted crotch adds increased freedom of movement, the wide, comfortable waistband secures with a discreet side closure, and a drawcord at the hem allows adjustments that provide a range of looks. A result of thoughtful, intelligent design, the Spadina reflects the Arc’teryx commitment to intelligent fabric selection, freedom of movement, a clean aesthetic and exceptional craftsmanship.

Weight: 265 g / 9.4 oz
Intended Use: Around Town
Model: 17203
Year: Spring 2016
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