Skyline SS Shirt Men's

Updated button down in a lightweight, wrinkle-resistant performance fabric.

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Colour: Black
Year: 2017
Color: Black
Size: S
Condition:Like New

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Skyline SS Shirt Men's

Light, trim fitting and quick drying, the Skyline Shirt SS wicks moisture, looks good and stays cool. Classic button down style is updated with a hidden snap closure and contemporary architectural lines on the pocket flap. Articulated patterning, mechanical stretch and gusseted underarms extend ergonomic freedom, and the soft, airy Diem™ polyester fabric is highly wrinkle resistant, making the versatile Skyline a choice for travelling as well as work.

Weight: 130 g / 4.6 oz
Intended Use: Around Town / Travel/Commute
Model: 19076
Year: Spring 2017
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