Sidewinder SV Jacket Men's

Tough waterproof hardshell. Sidewinder front zipper curves away from your face. Our most durable snowsports specific waterproof shell.

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$599.00 new$252.00 used
Colour: Bluebird
Year: 2007
Color: Bluebird
Size: S
Moderate discoloration on sleeves. Minor discoloration throughout.
Sidewinder SV Jacket Men's
This distinctively designed, GORE-TEX® Pro Shell jacket is the ultimate big mountain shell. The incredible water-beading fabric rebuffs moisture and blocks wind, and the articulated pattering allows total freedom of movement on serious descents.
Weight: 628 g / 1 lb 6.2 oz
Intended Use: Big Mountain Skiing
Model: 5402
Year: Fall 2007
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