Satoro AR Bottom Women's

Midweight Merino base layer delivering wool performance with enhanced durability.

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$109.00 new$58.86 used
Colour: Oceanus
Year: 2016
Color: Oceanus
Size: XS
Minor pilling throughout.
Satoro AR Bottom Women's

A women’s midweight Merino wool base layer bottom designed for prolonged all-round backcountry use, the Satoro AR leverages the advanced fabric technology of Nucliex™ STR 180 wool. Each Nucliex™ yarn is created by wrapping Merino fibres around a nylon filament to combine the natural comfort, efficiency and odour resistance of wool with the durability of the nylon core. Elastane fibres maintain the next-to-skin fit for maximum thermal efficiency and efficient moisture transfer.

Weight: 155 g / 5.5 oz
Intended Use: All Round
Model: 16277
Year: Fall 2016
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