Sarix SS Men's

Ultra lightweight, highly air permeable performance mesh shirt for race level runs and high output mountain training.

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Colour: Race Pace Red
Year: 2014
Color: Race Pace Red
Size: XS
Visible rock solid stamp at lower back.
Sarix SS Men's

Created for moving fast in warm conditions, the Sarix’s design is purely essential. The ultralight polyester mesh is an exceptional fabric for high output in hot weather. The trim fit moves with the body and eliminates excess fabric that can cause drag or get in the way. Flatlock construction reduces irritation and chafing, and reflective blades add visibility in low light.


Sarix is constructed from 100% polyester Polydel Mesh to deliver maximized air circulation and moisture wicking performance. An ideal material for its purpose, Polydel is extremely light, only 80 grams per square meter of fabric, highly air permeable, and has an excellent next to skin feel.

Weight: 75 g / 2.6 oz
Intended Use: Running
Model: 13586
Year: Spring 2014
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