Radium LS Top Women's

Women’s DryTech™ waffle knit shirt with classic, versatile mountain style.

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Colour: Azulene
Year: 2015
Size: M
Condition:Like New
Radium LS Top Women's

The Radium offers classic styling in a contemporary waffle knit top. Natural fibre comfort and moisture wicking performance come from the Sinct™ with DryTech™ cotton and polyester blend. The longer length hem layers easily and has a scalloped line that adds feminine style. Gusseted underarms and Arc’teryx Regular fit provide comfort and freedom of movement.


All Arc’teryx designs are committed to design, craftsmanship and performance. Function and style are brought together in the Radium’s women’s specific design, quality materials, attention to craftsmanship, built in freedom of movement, and updated casual aesthetic. The sum of all these parts makes the Radium a versatile shirt for a mountain town lifestyle.

Weight: 195 g / 6.9 oz
Intended Use: All Round
Model: 16141
Year: Fall 2015
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