Phase AR Zip Neck LS Women's

Lightly insulated, zip-neck base layer, designed for use during aerobic activities in cooler conditions. Phase Series: Moisture wicking base layer | AR: All-Round.

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$79.00 new$37.92 used
Colour: Grenadine
Year: 2012
Color: Grenadine
Size: XS
Several professionally repaired holes throughout left sleeve. Faint stains on mid front right sleeve and minor threading on back, left sleeve.
Phase AR Zip Neck LS Women's
Mid-weight, zip neck base layer appropriate for cooler temperatures, high-output activities. Hybrid mapping of Phasic™ AR (in the body) and Phasic™ SL (in the underarm area) fabrics in addition to the flatlock construction and next-to-skin fit, improves comfort, eliminates excess bulk and rapidly transfers moisture for efficient evaporation. Benefits include improved temperature regulation and layering.
Weight: 145 g / 5.1 oz
Intended Use: All Round
Model: 11255
Year: Fall 2012
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