Motive Strappy Tank Women's

Moisture-wicking, lightweight cotton/polyester blend tank top with slender straps and built in shelf-bra; ideal for a range of athletic activities.

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$59.00 new$31.86 used
Colour: Mollusk
Year: 2011
Size: L
Minor fading throughout garment.
Motive Strappy Tank Women's
This strappy tank top is made of versatile Drytech™ cotton/polyester fabric that breathes well during activity, and features four-way stretch for maximum mobility. The built-in breathable mesh shelf bra with wide, brushed elastic band adds support for a wide range of athletic activities and is treated with silver ions to reduce odours through perspiration.
Weight: 117 g / 4.1 oz
Intended Use: Around Town / Rock Climbing / Running / Training/Fitness
Model: 8991
Year: Spring 2011
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