Moresby LS Shirt Men's

City styled dobby weave long sleeved shirt in a soft, durable nylon cotton blend.

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$99.00 new$48.00 used
Colour: Biome
Year: 2015
Color: Biome
Size: XS
Minor scuffs on chest.

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Moresby LS Shirt Men's

Comfortably durable, with a clean look and built in freedom to move, the Moresby is made from Faspur™, a nylon cotton blend in a fall weight textile with a high level of durability. The fabric’s dobby weave has softness and visual texture.. The center placket closes with hidden snaps for a clean look, and the two chest pockets have snap closures on the flaps.


Fast paced city life puts the body into motion. Articulation in the sleeves prevents binding while commuting and gussets under the arms allow for an extended reach. Patterned with the Arc’teryx Regular fit, the Moresby has an easy comfort but maintains a tailored shape.

Weight: 260 g / 9.2 oz
Intended Use: Around Town
Model: 16145
Year: Fall 2015

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