Maeven Hoody Women's

Technical hybrid fleece layering hoody for all-mountain skiing and snowboarding.

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Colour: Black
Year: 2017
Color: Black
Size: M
Condition:Like New
Maeven Hoody Women's

A versatile hoody leveraging two weights of Torrent™ fleece, the Maeven provides warmth and freedom during on-area descents. Torrent™ 250 is durable and warm, and Torrent™ 190 manages moisture, offers stretch freedom, and provides thermal regulation. The women’s specific design employs hybrid mapping technology to focus fabric placement for maximum performance, layering comfort and ergonomic freedom. A full coverage hood provides added warmth, and large-volume hand pockets hold a hat or gloves.

Weight: 370 g / 13.1 oz
Intended Use: Ski/Snowboard
Model: 17806
Year: Fall 2017
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