Gryson LS Shirt Men's

Soft, brushed flannel long sleeve plaid shirt with casual styling and three season warmth.

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Colour: Autobahn Aspen
Year: 2016
Color: Autobahn Aspen
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Size: XXL
Condition:Like New
Faint pilling on multiple locations.

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Gryson LS Shirt Men's

The Gryson is a shirt for fall days in mountain towns. The Pulaski™ polyester flannel is brushed for warmth and softness. Two chest pockets snap closed, and the front placket has hidden snaps for a look with a modern casual style unlike the typical flannel. The comfortable Arc’teryx Regular fit, articulation in the sleeves and gussets under the arms add a level of freedom of movement appreciated while splitting rounds or cruising into town on a bike.


Function and style are brought together in the Gryson’s premium materials, attention to craftsmanship, built in freedom of movement, and updated casual aesthetic.

Weight: 340 g / 12.0 oz
Intended Use: Around Town
Model: 16898
Year: Fall 2016
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