Eldora Hoody Women's

Warm, weather resistant midweight fleece hoody for backcountry powder seekers.

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Colour: Mango Tango
Year: 2014
Color: Mango Tango
Size: L
Condition:Like New
Eldora Hoody Women's

Made from a medium weight fleece bonded to a nylon ripstop material, the Eldora combines air permeability and moisture transport with light insulation, wind resistance and snow shedding protection. The low profile hood fits comfortably under a helmet and has an outer layer of lightweight, stretch nylon Gossamera™ for added wind and weather protection. Pockets are pack accessible, and hem drawcords seal out drafts. With a streamlined, thermally efficient, motion friendly Athletic fit, the Eldora performs as a standalone on uptracks or spring days, and as a midlayer on descents.


Arc’teryx designs are purposeful yet simple. Winter ascents require freedom and temperature regulation, descents demand warmth and protection, so clothing needs to be able to stand on its own for the climb up, and also serve as layers on the downhill. While the Eldora is a highly functional standalone piece, it is designed with subtle elements that make it an effective, comfortable midlayer. The cuffs have a stretch gusset that fits easily over gloves, but with minimal bulk to fit comfortably under a hardshell. The StormHood™ fits over a helmet, and, when in midlayer mode, lays flat under a hardshell’s collar. The Athletic fit is designed to layer under Arc’teryx Expedition fit jackets such as the Scimitar.


The ability to layer pieces without sacrificing freedom of movement is a backcountry essential, one that drives the Arc’teryx designers to create highly functional backcountry clothing systems with use specific ergonomic focus. From next to skin to hardshell, each layer’s articulation and gusseting align, and each feature serves a specific purpose. The result is a sum that is greater than its already impressive parts.

Weight: 410 g / 14.5 oz
Intended Use: Backcountry Skiing / Ski/Snowboard
Model: 14635
Year: Fall 2014
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