Cita Vest Women's

Stowable, minimalist, wind and water resistant trail running vest.

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Colour: Midnight
Year: 2018
Color: Midnight
Size: M
Condition:Like New

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Cita Vest Women's

Designed for trail running, and weighing a scant 70 grams, the Cita Vest provides core protection from wind and light precipitation. The superlight nylon material, Lumin™, balances wind resistance with air permeable comfort and has a DWR finish to resist light precipitation. Mesh side panels add ventilation. With its lightweight, minimalist design, and ability to stow into its own pocket, the Cita Vest is so light and compact there is no reason to leave it behind.

Weight: 70 g / 2.5 oz
Intended Use: Running / Training/Fitness
Model: 20952
Year: Spring 2018
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