Cerium LT Jacket Men's

Streamlined, lightweight down jacket filled with 850 fill European white goose down. This backcountry specialist jacket is intended primarily as a mid layer in cool, dry conditions. Down Series: Down insulated garments | LT: Lightweight.

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$349.00 new$209.00 used
Colour: Cardinal
Year: 2016
Color: Cardinal
Size: L
Minor compressed down on hems. Minor discoloration on multiple locations. One minor pinhole on interior.

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Cerium LT Jacket Men's

One of the lightest down pieces in this collection functions as a mid layer or standalone piece in cooler, dry conditions. Down Composite Mapping strategically places Coreloft™ synthetic insulation in areas where moisture may buildup; down in the core and the collar gives maximum warmth.

As an alternative to down fill insulation, we also offer synthetic fill products, such as the Atom LT Jacket.
Weight: 265 g / 9.4 oz
Intended Use: All Round
Model: 19284
Year: Fall 2016

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