Beta SV Bib Men's

Durable, highly versatile GORE-TEX Pro bib for severe mountain conditions. Beta Series: All round mountain apparel | SV: Severe Weather.

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$549.00 new$329.40 used
Colour: Black
Year: 2018
Color: Black
Size: XL
Condition:Like New
Faint dust and debris on hems.
Beta SV Bib Men's

Hardwearing and highly versatile, the Beta SV Bib is built for rugged mountain conditions. Breathable and durable N80p-X 3L GORE-TEX Pro is reinforced with N115p-x face fabric in high wear areas to protect against harsh mountain environments. Fully separating WaterTight™ two-way zippers give a drop seat option and ease removal over boots and crampons. An elasticized waist keeps the cold and snow out. Keprotec™ instep guards shield from cuts and abrasion, and a bootlace hook helps keep the cuff secure. Athletic e3D fit is streamlined but accommodates layers.

Weight: 655 g / 1 lb 7.1 oz
Intended Use: All Round
Model: 21790
Year: Fall 2018
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