Beta Shell Glove

Versatile, highly durable waterproof/breathable GORE-TEX® shell glove, designed to be layered over an insulated liner glove. Beta Series: All-round mountain apparel

Colour: Adriatic Blue
Year: 2015
Beta Shell Glove

Designed to layer over the insulated Atom Glove Liner or fleece Delta Glove, the Beta Shell Glove delivers exceptional dexterity, superior grip and the highest level of waterproof/breathable protection. Built with rugged N333p-X 3L GORE-TEX® fabric with tricot technology on the palm and fingers, highly breathable N70p GORE-TEX® on the back of the hand, and constructed with fully taped seams, the Beta Shell Glove seals out water, wind and snow. Laminated to the palm and fingertips, TPU reinforcements are used instead of leather. TPU’s hydrophobic properties prevent the reinforcements from wetting out. This saves weight, and more importantly, prevents the heat loss wet materials can cause. Because the TPU reinforcements can be strategically laminated to the precise areas needed, using them results in increased dexterity, improved breathability and extended durability.


Gloves are one of the most complex products Arc’teryx builds. The precision of the human hand comes from a complicated anatomy that allows an intricate, varied range of motion. The Beta Shell Glove is constructed using Arc’teryx Tri-Dex™ patterning technology, a three-lobe finger pattern that maps the thumb and each finger separately according to the hand’s natural grasping motion. Seams are minimized and placed so as not to interfere with grip. This technical construction results in a remarkable dexterity and range of motion that mimics the naked hand.


Features are selected for the realities of alpine travel. The short gauntlet fits under or over jacket sleeves, the elasticized adjustable wrist strap creates a secure seal and precision fit that keeps heat closer to the fingers. Gauntlet adjustment is easily used with the gloves on, and removable leashes help prevent dropped gloves from getting lost. In freezing conditions, the Beta Shell Glove systematically layers with the Primaloft® filled Atom Glove Liner or, in milder cold, partners with the Rivet or Delta Gloves.

Weight: 120 g / 4.2 oz
Intended Use: Ski/Snowboard
Model: 16161
Year: Fall 2015
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