Apache Cardigan Women's

Trim-fitting, insulated jacket, with a casual sweater look; Designed as a layering piece.

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$175.00 new$84.00 used
Colour: Carbon Copy
Year: 2012
Size: L
Moderate fading and pilling throughout garment.
Apache Cardigan Women's
Made with Polartec® Thermal Pro® Tweed, this trim fitting jacket delivers technical performance with a casual sweater look. Patterned for descent specific mobility, the Apache Cardigan provides comfort within a layering system while wicking moisture and drying quickly. Laminated elbow patches reduce friction and add longevity for seasons of backcountry touring.
Weight: 420 g / 14.8 oz
Intended Use: Ski/Snowboard
Model: 8144
Year: Fall 2012
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