Alroy Short 7" Women's

Lightweight, durable, highly breathable hiking short with performance stretch.

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Colour: Tatsu
Year: 2021
Color: Tatsu
Size: 0
Condition:Like New

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Alroy Short 7" Women's

The Alroy gives you freedom to roam. Light, durable, and breathable, it’s a go-to for summer treks on mountain trails, rambles on the beach or quick hikes after work. Made from Aequora AirPerm™, they breathe for cool comfort, stretch, dry fast and stand up to rugged terrain. And they look good doing it. The trim fit, gusseted crotch, and low-profile waist band help you move comfortably, and five pockets – including a zippered one at the thigh – secure smartphone and lip balm.

Crafted at a Fair Trade Certified facility as part of our commitment to transition 80% of Arc’teryx products to fair trade certification by 2025.

Weight: 165 g / 5.8 oz
Intended Use: Hiking / Trekking
Model: 26830
Year:  2021

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