Alpha AR 55 Backpack - SOLD

Durable and versatile all-round pack for ice climbing and multi-day alpine climbs. Alpha Series: Climbing and alpine focused systems | AR: All-Round.

Colour: Robotica
Year: 2019

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Alpha AR 55 Backpack

Arc'teryx developed its own fabric to achieve the hardwearing durability necessary for alpine and rock climbing. Prioritizing abrasion and tear resistance, a liquid crystal polymer ripstop grid is incorporated in a high tenacity nylon fabric. Extremely versatile, customizable options and a large 55L capacity suits the needs of multi-day alpine adventures. A removable framesheet and an adjustable, removable top lid give the option to shed weight. Custom webbing daisy chains securely lash gear and ice pick capture accommodates a range of angles.

Weight: 1365 g / 3 lb 0.2 oz
Intended Use: Alpine Climbing / Ice Climbing
Model: 20844
Year: Fall 2019

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This item was designed to last a long time, and it still has lots of life left. By keeping Arc'teryx products in action, we keep them out of the landfill and you get great products for less.

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