Acto FL Jacket Men's - SOLD

Abrasion-resistant hardfleece hoody excelling in moisture management.

Colour: Cardinal
Year: 2017

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Acto FL Jacket Men's

Focused on fast and light climbing, the Acto FL is an abrasion-resistant hardfleece hoody. Lightly insulated and highly air-permeable Aerius™ fabric helps reduce over heating and ventilate excess sweat. Worn as either a midlayer or softshell outer layer, the Acto FL’s precision fit and functional articulation combine for a high level of dynamic freedom. The lightweight Tyono™ 30 nylon StormHood™ adds wind protection, and HemLocks™ prevent the Acto FL from slipping out from under a harness.

Weight: 440 g / 15.5 oz
Intended Use: Alpine Climbing / Ice Climbing / Rock Climbing
Model: 16431
Year: Fall 2017

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