Accelero Jacket Women's

Breathable, moisture-wicking jacket; Ideal for aerobic activities in cooler weather.

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Colour: Niagara
Year: 2010
Color: Niagara
Size: M
Faint discoloration on multiple locations.
Accelero Jacket Women's
Engineered to deliver controlled airflow, breathability and moisture wicking performance, the Accelero Jacket is ideal for aerobic activities in cooler weather. This trim jacket is made with an ingenious double-weave polyester textile that is highly breathable, has mechanical stretch and features an inner layer of bamboo charcoal for natural moisture and odour control. Gender specific shaping and strategic seam placement ensures comfort.
Weight: 219 g / 7.7 oz
Intended Use: Nordic/Snowshoeing / Running / Training/Fitness
Model: 7737
Year: Spring 2010
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