A2B Comp Vest Men's

Thermal performance and wind protection in a vest for the urban bike commute.

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$249.00 new$149.40 used
Colour: Black
Year: 2017
Color: Black
Size: XXL
Condition:Like New
Faint discoloration at left underarm.
A2B Comp Vest Men's

Clean and minimalist, the A2B Vest provides core warmth and wind protection without overheating. GORE WINDSTOPPER® delivers windproof protection up front, and Velolain™ fleece at the back and sides provides thermal regulation on the move. The trim fit is specifically designed to move with a cyclist’s body. A low-profile hood adds additional warmth under a helmet, and discrete reflective elements add visibility without impacting the vest’s off-bike styling.

Weight: 270 g / 9.5 oz
Intended Use: Around Town / Travel/Commute
Model: 19009
Year: Spring 2017
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