A2B Commuter Pant Men's

Trim-fitting pants easily transition from the urban bike commute to daily living.

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Colour: Pilot
Year: 2019
Color: Pilot
Size: 32
Moderate pilling on multiple locations.

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A2B Commuter Pant Men's

Combining dynamic performance with city styling, the A2B Commuter Pant easily transitions from bike to workplace. The pant has a streamlined trim fit with functional articulation that lets the rider move comfortably and make adjustments on the fly. Smart features include integrated reflective elements that tuck away when not needed, and a stretch fabric with Schoeller® 3XDRY technology that wicks moisture and resists water.

Weight: 360 g / 12.7 oz
Intended Use: Around Town / Travel/Commute
Model: 17221
Year: Spring 2019

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